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Micro Token Deck Mixed Counters Above View

Mixed Counters - Micro Token Deck


Mezzocielo&Friends presents the first Micro Token Deck! 

This micro token deck contains a selection of mixed counters for you mtg games!

All the cards are very small, less than half a cards, so they fit easily on any creature or land, without covering it all.

Mana, Keywords, +1/+1 and -1/-1 counters, you get them all!

And if you need a peculiar card, you have two blank cards fillable with whatever you wish!


The deck contains 60 cards:

4x White Mana
4x Blue Mana
4x Black Mana
4x Red Mana
4x Green Mana
2x Colorless Mana
3x Deathtouch
2x Double Strike
3x First Strike
3x Flying
3x Hexproof
2x Indestructible
3x Lifelink
3x Menace
3x Reach
2x Shield
3x Stun
3x Trample
3x Vigilance
2x (Blank)


The deck comes in a box that fits any pocket!

Get your micro deck now and play like a pro!

  • Card Dimension


    31.8×44.5mm (1.25"×1.75")

  • Artist

    Ralf & Mezzocielo

  • Foil


  • Total Cards


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