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Civil War 2021 - Pauper vs. Centurion - Playmat

Civil War 2021 - Pauper vs. Centurion - Playmat



This is the official playmat we designed for the event

Civil War - Pauper vs Centurion.


"It's a two days event dedicated to these beloved formats. Pauper has always been very popular in Italy, while the Centurion community is growing larger with each day.

This year the organizers decided to join forces, and create this incredible weekend full of tournaments and surprises!

The communities loved the idea, and a little "competition" between them led to the Civil War concept.


When we were contacted to work on such a cool idea, we got immediately excited. The incredible Ralf Joshua Trillana, one of our main artists, worked with passion on each character, recreating the famous poster from the well known Marvel movie.


On the two sides, you can see the most iconic creatures from both Pauper and Centurion, ready to fight an epic battle.


Whether you're a pauper or a centurion player, or maybe even a Marvel fan, this playmat is a must."



You can still preorder this playmat!

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