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Paupergeddon Winter '23 - Playmat

Paupergeddon Winter '23 - Playmat



This is the official playmat we designed for the event

Paupergeddon Winter Edition 2023


"This event is going to be, again, the biggest Pauper Tournament ever hosted in Europe, probably in the whole world, with more than 600 people competing. After the huge success of the Affinity and Faeries playmats, we decided to keep going with the "archetype" idea. After a few debates with different pauper players, and seeing how the lore of Mtg is lately revolving around Phyrexia, Machines and Mechanical Power, we went for another iconic Pauper archetype: Tron!

If you want more information, here's the link to the event: Paupergeddon Winter Edition '23


You can still pre-order this playmat!

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