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Paupergeddon Rome '22 - Official Playmat

Paupergeddon Rome '22 - Official Playmat



This is the official playmat we designed for the event

Paupergeddon Rome 2022  - LINK TO EVENT


"This event is incredible. It's going to be the biggest Pauper Tournament ever hosted in Europe, probably in the whole world. After the huge success of the Affinity playmat for Paupergeddon Rome '21, we decided to replicate the "archetype" idea. After a few debates with different pauper players, we went for another iconic Pauper archetype: Faeries!


The amazing Mezzocielo worked hard so the playmat could represent not just one archetype, but three! It doesn't matter if you're a purist Mono-U player, or if your prefer to splash your deck with Lightning Bolts or Suffocating Fumes: this is the playmat for you!


An interesting fact about this design: the aaracockra ban arrived after the design was finished. But, maybe touched by a vision of the future, Mezzocielo had already drawn him sadly falling from the sky!"


If you want more information, here's the link to the event: Paupergeddon Rome '22."

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